Single Table Poker Tournaments

Ask any poker player what they’re favorite poker tournament is, and inevitably it comes down to one they cashed in! One of the easiest types of tournaments to cash in would have to be single table Sit and Goes.

The payout structure is such that you have to spend very little time playing in the tournament, and usually only have to finish in the top two for a six handed game, and top three for a full ring game to cash. These are very popular and often you will see Sit and Go tournaments fill up in minutes, or even seconds at some online poker rooms. Once you are in the money, your play will change dramatically. It is important to be aware of the chip stacks of the other players at the table because this will often be a major influence in both how they and you play.

If you notice a player seemingly just happy to be in the money and shoving every hand, you have to tighten up a bit, and vice versa. One strategy that seems to work well is to play aggressive against the largest remaining stack, because generally they are just going to protect that big stack and try and cruise to a heads-up battle. Get after that stack, let him try and cruise to heads up, while you take advantage of your opponent’s play and chip up. If you can get heads up with a decent size chip lead, you will be in good shape.

Again, it is extremely important to be aware of how the other players at your table are playing. If and when you get to a heads-up situation, your play will change to another gear. Suring heads up, you should try and detect betting patterns by your opponent, pressuring them when they seem weak. Test the waters a bit, if they are willing to fold to small raises, then you know they are playing tight.
Heads up is where you should be applying all the information you have acquired throughout the tournament and focusing it in on that one player. Heads up is not a great place to make stone cold bluffs, and it is recommended to not get a large amount of your chips into the pot unless you are sure you are pretty far ahead. The best poker knowledge you can obtain is done so through playing. Put yourself in situations to win and in the long run you will come out ahead. Sit and goes can be a very simple way to boost your bankroll if played properly.

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